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One of the things I’ve been meaning to find out is how to make the sometimes restrictive space for editing/adding WordPress posts bigger. This can be especially annoying when including images and I don’t want to use the “Toggle Fullscreen Mode”. But this was definitely one of those “roundtuit” tasks.

So – when I was retweeted a tweet yesterday from @RobertaWard, who runs the MyPropertyMentor blog asking “Is it possible to change the size of the back end ‘post window’ on WordPress? Find it hard to edit in small space given!”via @SuButcher, I thought it time to take a look. But before I could, Roberta replied that she’d sussed it! Excellent stuff – and one task taken care of – though I cannot believe that I’d not worked it out already – the solution is so simple!

When editing or creating your post, in the bottom right corner you’ll see two diagonal lines. The above image shows you how they look in Explorer, Firefox and Chrome (with apologies if you are a higher-being Mac user, or use some other browser – but you’ll get the idea). You simply “mouse-over” those lines and will then get the option to drag the editing space to a larger size – go and have a play. It’s a welcome option, indeed.

So thank you to Roberta for showing me and to Su for suggesting that I might already know!

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