A WordPress website, just a website and nothing but a website

A plea for help arrived recently to which we promised this post. Some of you have no interest in having a blog on your website, whether because it’s not something you are keen on, or because it just does not fit in with your online marketing plans. And yet you know that WordPress is a cracking CMS (content management system) and an affordable one, at that. So you want to build your website with it. Yes you can and I think you should – take this site, for instance – much more website than blog, indeed it the blog aspect could be separate very easily, but this works for me. Let’s get WordPress working how you want it, though.

First you need to have WordPress installed and ready to go on your hosting. Then you need your theme in place – choose one that will easily look like a website. There are a few free WordPress website ideas here and for other ideas you can do a Google search or ask us on the Facebook page if you like.

So – your WordPress is ready to go:

  1. Create your pages. You want a Home page and any others you want. You don’t need the content in place yet – just the page created and published.
  2. In your Dashboard, go to Settings, Reading and select the “A static page (select below)” – select your Home page as the Front page. Leave the Posts page as “-Select-“. Save Changes.

And that is the immediate way to use WordPress as a website without a blog.

You can set your navigation within Appearance, Menus if your theme allows – and as that is so useful I suggest you check that you can – on Wednesday this week you can find out just how useful the menu function is.

And you can of course make use of your sidebar, adding the relevant widgets to show whatever information you want to include on each page – links, search,  sign-up box, whatever you want.

That really is pretty much it – go make a website!

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  1. ChptsOfMyLife says

    I love this, not only that someone came up with the help but I love your social network plugin layout, and the subscribe button. Bold and big. care to share? thanks.

  2. says

    Great post. Am new to wordpress but after having our web site redesigned in wordpress, I can certainly see the advantage. Notifications of ping backs, customer accounts and reviews, it’s all there and so interactive. Love it. Especially like how easy our blog is to access :) Recomended!

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