What a polite WordPress plugin!

Some time ago a regular client tweeted me with a request to add the “Thank Me Later” plugin for him. This was a new one on me so off I went to see what had caught his eye…

Thank You

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc

And how lovely – a simple feature that emails a “thank you” to your commenters and encouraging further engagement by providing the link back to their comment and whatever else you include in that email, for instance inviting to subscribe to your feed, join your Facebook group, follow you on Twitter, etc.

You can target specific categories and/or tags, for those of you even more organised – for instance, I will set one up for the Using WordPress category to suggest commenters visit other pages that will be useful for them.

It is very simple to set up – simply to go your Plugins section, then click on Add New, search for “Thank Me Later” and there it will be, at the top – Install this, then Activate and set up your email(s) in the Thank Me Later section provided (below your Settings section). If you comment on this blog post, within 10 minutes of being approved you will receive an email – so you can see what the commenter gets.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc

Your thoughts...

  1. says

    I’m commenting – will be interesting to see what the email looks like and whether I think it might work with my blog.
    How does it handle moderation – do you only get an email once your post has been approved? That would be very useful.

    • Babs says

      Well I’ve just approved your comment, Su, so within 10 minutes you should get the email. Yes – it is once the comment is approved.

      I can think of a few blogs where this would work nicely – I shall send brownies to Mark for asking about it.

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