Quickie: Adding a Search option to your WordPress website / blog

In the Blogmistress Facebook group we were asked about adding a search option to a WordPress website. And while there are plenty of plugins that offer the various search functions you might want, the simplest thing is to add the search option included in your WordPress already, then test that out – if it does the job well, then you’ve no need to add anything further. Here’s how:


  1. Go to Appearance, Widgets
  2. Select, drag and drop the Search widget into your sidebar or widget area
  3. Test

It is that simple. Do have a good try at finding things to be sure this search option is good enough for your site. If it’s not up to what you need, that’s the time to have a look at the plugin options and see if what you want is there – as ever, when looking for a plugin, look at the details and go for those that are tended to – kept up-to-date and the support posts on the WordPress plugin page monitored and ideally resolved.

If you get stuck, let me know…


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