Renaming Your “Comments” Title in Genesis

I happened across a retweet of a post written earlier this year by my friend and client, Suze, which considered how we ask for readers’ feedback, questions, thoughts, comments…

For instance, here on the Blogmistress blog, you’re invited to “Leave a Reply” – hardly ideal so that’s added to the site revamp list.

suzeAnd on Suze’s How to Write Better site it just saysย said “Comments”. Far too cold for the style of Suze’s blog. So I’m going to surprise her by changing this to something far better suited.

As her site is created using a StudioPress Genesis theme this will not be a terrible task and while I can delve into the Loop and code and things, there is a plugin that will offer a great variety of options for the commenting function in any of the Genesis themes. Wonderful. Indeed while I do like the way Genesis is coded and am not afraid to tweak things to suit, sometimes a plugin is just fine for the task and is unlikely to use up a load of space.

So with such themes I will do a quick search within the Plugins section of the Dashboard, this time for Genesis Comments – and lo, NickTheGeek had created just the tool a few years ago – Genesis Simple Comments. He’s not updated things for a couple of years and this would normally put me off, but in this instance we’re not doing anything particularly difficult and Nick is a full-on Genesis geek, so it’s worth giving it a go (and indeed I may offer to check it out for him).

Anyway – installing this plugin offers the options to change the titles and wording for just about all comment related text. I’ll do a quick video later and add that here for you.

Thanks Nick for the plugin, and Suze for the inspiration.

I wonder how long before she notices ๐Ÿ˜‰

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